On the river banks

Amedée Vazeille

1856 - Paris - 1916 (?)

Oil on panel, 7.48 x 18.5 in (19 x 47 cm). Signed with monogram lower left. Housed in a quality frame, size 13.19 x 23.28 in. (33.5 x 60.5 cm).

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The panoarama view 'On the river banks'  in a wide and fluid brush stroke is representing presumably the Marne river, due to the provenance of the painting.

 According to information on the back deriving from the former owner this painting was part of the wainscoting of the Auberge Heurtevin in Luzancy at the Marne river.
The Auberge was a popular meeting place of artists of the Groupe de Lagny. To this circle of artists included, among others Henri Lebasque and Cavallo-Peduzzi.


Amedée Grandier Vazeille  was a pupil of Aubert and Gérome. The artist debuted in 1880 at the Paris Salon des artistes français.




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